Sunday, November 2, 2008

More goodies...stuff I forgot to post earlier

There were a few things I forgot to add to the earlier post that I recieved an email about.

For those of you who are attempting knitting or picking it back up...there is a video tutorial for the long-tail cast-on at along with many MANY other useful knitting videos. That is where I learned the "psso" stitch. Boy did that one give me trouble.

The other one was is a blog on here, the one I love the most! When I first started looking into blogging, doe-c-doe was my inspiration for wanting to do my own. How could you NOT love the vintage embroidery samples they post...and all the little goodies are definitely landing in my "crafy goodness" catagory. there it is, my favorite blog. Go check it out, and subscribe to it like I did, it is always good for a smile.

toodles..for now!

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