Friday, November 7, 2008

Candy...not just Halloween CANDY

Remember when I mentioned that I recieved a boat-load of unfinished projects and yarn from Elaine? WOO HOO!! That's what I call candy! Yeah, so Teresa helped me lay everything out and catalog it, and photograph it recently and I have some great stuff to show you. The picture to the left is one of 14 squares that are about 13"x13" in size. They don't show it in the pic, but they are more of a cream than a white. They are done in crochet, and I am thinking I want to do more so that I can make a bedspread big enough for a queen size bed.
But! before I do that, I am going to weave yellow, orange and brown ribbons through them so we can use them as placemats on thanksgiving. (Don't worry, they are totally washable acrylic yarn). I just think that Elaine put in all that work, and they should be relished. I love the so many uses going through my mind for these...makes me smile.
More projects to come, I'll keep you "posted"...Ha, ha, ha...I crack myself up.

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