Thursday, October 2, 2008

Knitted swatches....the new candy

Yesterday was so funny. My mom and aunt came over for a visit. We were in my art room, I was looking for some of the dishrags and stuff I had made for mom. The funniest thing to me was how they were both going so "gaa-gaa" over the swatches. You know, those small pre-project knitted squares/rectangles that you use to figure out gauge? I am not sure what they are going to use them for, but watching them fight over who was gonna get which one was like watching two kids fight over Halloween candy.

I was saving them all up so eventually I could put them together for the ugliest, non-matching, afghan in the history of knitting. With all the different fibers, texture, color, sizes....whew...that thing would have been ugly. So, I guess they saved me from making a huge disaster of an afghan. Cool.

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